Oh well, so I planned on writing more often, not to mention drawing more often. I’ve still got millions of ideas, the thing is I just don’t see any motivation to bring them to life. I’ll try today. Please keep your fingers crossed.

I had the worst week ever last week, this one isn’t any better. I feel as if I was filled with stones and they kept on moving and rolling inside me. It’s hard to breathe.

Luckily, happy bear is with me.



Toot toot

So I decided to be more creative this year and I hope it’s going to come true, for once. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but this time I really want it and it actually came naturally, because just before new year I started a few promising projects (e.g. a poster series).

For today I’ve got a tiny warm-up picture, I’ve got many ideas in my head but enough time and motivation to draw – it’s time to change this attitude, I want to draw more often even if the final result turns out to be awful…no more over-thinking, no more. Luckily I’ve got more time nowadays (or rather I learned how to organise my life), so let’s be hoping. The best thing is that I graduated at last and I’m free, well…at least my mind isn’t occupied with that nonsense anymore! I’ll also try to keep this blog alive. I like blogging.

Here’s the picture, I’m off to read a book and see you soon!

One Million Dots

I’m back, there’s another picture I made some time ago, hope you like it. I also updated my template a bit, I’m going to work on the blog layout at some point soon. I wish my days were longer so I had more time to draw. Basically, I’d like to come back to grammar school…my most creative time. Adult life is a bit sad and I’m angry with my family that they kept me unaware for so long.




Hello. Is anyone still there?
As maybe some of you noticed, I had a long long break from drawing & painting. Actually, I often think it was too long…but at the same time, I hope it was a refreshing experience. Well, I really missed all these journeys round my skull. I’ve got brand new energy, ideas and creative thoughts. Keep your fingers crossed.
 The picture  portrays perfectly how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of months. I suppose I’m slowly emerging from the deep dark hole of uncreativity.

Love xx

Salon Ogon

(Polish only tonight)

Jeśli przypadkiem jesteście z Poznania polecam wpaść jutro na otwarcie Salonu Ogon (ul. Dąbrowskiego 25/4a). 🙂
Będzie to niepowtarzalny butik z oryginalnymi wyrobami młodych, polskich projektantów, od biżuterii do ręcznie robionych butów (widziałam, są niesamowite), będą też moje torby ( tak nieśmiało dodam) W dniu otwarcia, czyli jutro, będzie 15% zniżki na dobry początek. Polecam  naprawdę, nie dajcie się zimie, a na pewno nie będziecie żałować.
Aha, no i  podajcie dalej! 😉

Same blog, new address

I thought I should be more consistent and change my blog url to
It’s easier to remember, I guess? For today I’ve also got a quick sketch I made a few days ago. I thought you may want to see it. So, here it goes. 
BTW I just realised that I must make a bag with Rrose Sélavy written on it for myself.
Oooh, it’d be amazing! 
New bags coming soon, I’m just waiting for new types of bags and preparing new designs. 
Speak to you soon. Love and Happy New Year! xx


I was away, because I was busy with life. Quite simple, isn’t it? I also started a new project called LoonyLooks, which boils down to hand painting shopping bags, for starters! New designs will be available in early 2012, but maybe earlier too!  Probably various types of bags as well. It would be nice if you spread the word about LoonyLooks. My bags and I need wider audience. 🙂 So check  our profile on Facebook!
If you want to purchase a bag, leave a comment or send an email:
Shipping everywhere
We are Not Alone (sold)
Moustache Lady (sold)
Owly Owl

Purple Rain

I have a pleasure to work for K MAG at the moment and I made a tiny pic, (Prince related) to their latest (September) issue, which is devoted to Prince and Purple Rain. So, if you happen to live in Poland, feel free to go check it around Monday.
Here’s my another Prince:
And the magazine looks like that:

Love xx

Hi, I’m still alive

Um, yes. So I am alive indeed. I don’t really think anyone was worried anyway. I kinda came back to drawing, I have some new pieces and some in progress, so I’m guess I’m on the right road, going in the right direction, too.
This is my latest picture, Egg Committee. I think I’ll prepare prints soon. I even like it, huh!

Love xx